Earth Day

Hello everyone,

Some time back (April 22nd) it was Earth Day and  I am sure some of

you wondered..what’s so special about Earth day?!




I too used to wonder what’s so special about Earth Day or Mother’s day

or Father’s day???

Well its just a day that we dedicate to a special thing and learn just

how important they are to us.

This is because we get so busy in our day to day life and happenings

that we begin to take everything for granted!!

Can you imagine what it would be like if we did not have our parents or

the beautiful flowers,trees and animals the day or night?

Like I told you earlier every morning when we get up we should have a

smile on our faces have gratitude and simply think and say the magic

words ‘THANK YOU…. God and mum and dad for every thing. I promise

to take care of the world and love and respect it’.

scenary near a lake

The more you think and feel..the more you will get.

On Earth Day Leonardo DiCaprio …a very famous hollywood actor wrote

to the young kids….”


Lets Not Sink

“Right now Mother Earth is hurting. She needs a generation of

thoughtful,caring and active kids like all of you to protect her for the

future.Help us win the battle to clean up our air water land,to protect

forests, oceans and wildlife.’

Now isn’t that what all of us should try and do in our own little way.

hu8g the earth

So lets promise to use the 3 R’s  Reduce Reuse and Recycle.


We talked about this in our earlier post.


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