Christmas—-Love and respect all religions


The month is December and its the end of  2015. There is general excitement and joy all around. I would attribute it to the annual festival of Christmas , the annual concert or funfair in all schools with the much awaited Christmas holidays and finally the big New Year celebrations.

Christmas as we know is the birth of Jesus Christ. Look at the picture below:


When we talk of Christmas what do we think of ?

Joy and happiness and peace to the world.

Yes we do think of  Christmas party and Santa with the gifts .The many Christmas decorations  shops are full of. Well lets see what some of the Christmas symbols stand for.—-

Evergreen Christmas Tree :-   The fir tree stays green through out the year and reminds us of everlasting hope and eternal life.It points up to heaven to remind us that God is there looking and taking care of us.

c tree

The Christmas Wreath:-    It symbolises  never ending love . Wreaths are ever green and in a circle.- no beginning no end. Love is always there to stay.

wreath       wreat1

Candles :-The Christmas candles remind us that Jesus (God) is the light of the world.We should follow this light and we will never get lost in the darkness.

candles     candles1

Christmas Bells :-    The bell rings to guide back anyone who tends to stray.Each one is precious in the eyes of God and He will help and guide us.

bells        bells1

Santa Claus :- Yes he is the most favourite figure of Christmas  .Dressed in red with black boots and a white beard carrying a bag full of toys and goodies. He is believed to come from the north pole in his sledge pulled by reindeer. His favourite one being Rudolph. Santa is kind and showers kids with gifts. He symbolizes generosity and kindness.

santa              santa1

Santa on a sledge:-


My pearls of wisdom :-


  1.   Celebrate love. Do acts of kindness.
  2. Care for the less fortunate.
  3. Be grateful and generous.
  4. Respect and love your family.
  5. Be responsible.Help your mummy to decorate the house and keep    things in place.
  6. Share your toys.
  7. Respect all religions.
  8. Most of all enjoy the festival with your family and friends.

xmas c

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kids Christmas craft can be great fun.Why don’t you go to the  Art and Craft  section and see some nice ideas.

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