Christmas and The Joy of being a Giver


Hello Kids

How have you all been ? It’s the end of the Year 2020 .Yes it’s December the month we all eagerly wait for.Its Christmas Season .

This year (2020) has been different because of the Pandemic ..”Covid 19″. We have all been at home for almost 9 months and things are not the same .Christmas too will be different.We will talk about the Pandemic and what we have learnt during this peroid in another post.

Today I am going to share a beautiful touching story about Christmas.

Its Christmas time and little Bill is very excited .It’s the time of the year when he always visits his grandmother ,who makes delicious cookies.She puts up the Christmas tree which he  is allowed to decorate as he listens to stories about Santa, who, she tells him comes down from the south pole in his sledge carrying gifts for all the children.He talks about the Christmas party telling his grandma what fun he has with his friends.


This year Bill is a little upset as the older boys in school have told him that there is no Santa.They laughed at him and said” Even dummies know that.”

Bill does’nt want to believe them and he is sure his grandma would know better.She always told the truth.He would ask  her and believing her would always be easier after he had eaten her cookies.

After decorating the tree and listening to Christmas stories,Bill sat down with his cookies and between bites told grandma what he had heard bout Santa.

‘No Santa?? That’s ridiculous’ grandma said.She told Bill “this story has been doing the rounds,don’t believe it.”

Grandma then asked Bill to leave the cookies for later and  to wear his coat.”Where to are we going”Bill asked.”To the toy shop down the corner”. she said.When they reached the toy shop grandma handed him 10 $ and asked him to buy  something for someone who needs it.Bill had never shopped by himself before and began to wonder what he would buy.More than that he began to think of someone who really needed something. After a while he remembered John ,his neighbor who did’nt have a coat to keep himself warm during winter ,so he always stayed indoors while other  kids

had fun  playing in the snow.Bill now knew who he will shop for.

He decided to pick up a red coat,which looked warm,for John.”Is this a present for Christmas”the counter lady asked as Bill gave her the 10$.’Yes ma’am”Bill said and told her how John needed a coat to keep himself warm.The counter lady took the 10$ and gave the coat to Bill.

That evening grandma wrapped the coat .(A little tag fell off the coat which grandma put aside.)She put ribbons on the parcel and on a paper she wrote’To John from Santa.”

Grandma then drove me to John’s house and on the way told me that Santa insists on secrecy.She then said that from now I was one of Santa’s offical helpers.When we reached John’s house grandma nudged me and said”‘Now Santa Claus get to work.”  She told me to quietly place the present outside John’s house ,ring the door bell and rush back. I did exactly that and

we waited breathlessly to see John’s door open.It finally did open and I can still visualize the excitment on John’s face when he saw the present.

That night I realised all the rumours about Santa were’ ridiculous ‘,just like grandma said.Santa was alive and we each one of us as we grow up become his team,spreading joy and happiness.That night I realised it was not only me who was Santa’s offical helper but the lady at the counter too was one of Santa’s team .The coat she gave me for 10$ was actually for 20$.I had learnt and experienced something I would never forget.

So kids always believe in the Magic of Christmas and Santa Claus.Spread love and enjoy the ‘Joy of becoming a Giver.’

The world is magical..look around and see.sometimes things just happen and that is what the magic is.

Care and Share and make your friends and everyone you know happy.

Learn the Joy of Giving every Festival and watch the Smiles you spread.



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