Care for Yourself this Monsoon.—You are Important


This is the time of the year we all wait for eagerly. The rains are a big relief after a hot and sometimes dry summer.Monsoon is an important part of our lives ….Remember …Water is Life….We all depend on the rains for our daily water supply , the plants need water to grow and the rain is important for cooling and cleaning of the earth.

Rains are fun time as well

We all know how we get rain .Its magical and the cycle of life.

On a rainy day stand with your eyes closed and listen to all the sounds you can hear

The pitter patter of the rain drops ,the sound of thunder and the splash of water.The sounds of the opening umbrella and the laughter of the children.

Remember —  “Water is a Precious Gift from God.Save every drop.

Today i am  not just going to tell you how important water is and how to save water. We will talk about something as important and that is You.

Rains are important but along with it comes things that make us anxious.Everything stays  damp and wet and often fungus tends to grow on food and our clothing.There is a smell of dampness and we begin to wait for sunny days.Sometimes the walls and ceiling of our homes begin to get wet and leak.When the rain water fills. up holes and water stagnats  the risk of diseases increases. We can be prone to colds,  fever, malaria and water borne diseases like typhoid.our digestive system becomes a little weak and we can get stomach upsets.

Children we can enjoy the rains but we need to be careful and take care of ourselves. Remember you are important.

Here are some dos and don’ts to follow during the monsoon:-

Always carry an umbrella or raincoat.When you are not using it  fold and keep them away .Make sure the umbrella or raincoat is dry  or else they will begin to smell.

If you get wet, dry yourself once you return home .

Change into dry clothes.Wash your hands and feet before touching anything.

Drink something hot and eat only home made hot food .Avoid outside food this will keep stomach upsets away.

When in school carry a set of dry clothes and a napkin.

You can have fun and splash in puddles sometimes but remember to move wet shoes and socks.

Take care not to splash on someone.When in a car ask the driver to go slow when there is a puddle –you need to care for others.

Keep your home free from mosquitoes —

Don’t take out food from a box with wet hands.

You can enjoy the rains—Go for trek with your friends.

Go to the beach and watch the tides but keep safe distance.

You can plan a monsoon party with the help of your mum and invite your friends…plan some interesting craft work,sing songs and watch a short kids can also enjoy cooking mabe bake a cake or biscuits with the help of mum.

Enjoy the rain kids but keep safe.





























Enjoy the monsoon but remember you are important take care of yourself during the rains.

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