Being Responsible


What is responsibility?

Responsibility means doing things that you are supposed to do and then accepting the positive or negative outcome of your actions.

As children, as you grow up… you are given  small tasks for which you are responsible for.. and you have to face the consequences for not doing those tasks .Here are some examples:-

..You may have to tidy up your room and if you forget everyday, maybe you won’t be allowed your daily screen time.

..You must complete your school homework and remember to pack your bag.If you forget  your teacher gets upset with you,or you may get poor grades.

..You have a pet whom you have to feed daily.What happens if you forget…your pet will fall sick .

We all need to act with responsibility, if we want to live in a safe and happy world.

Cleaning your room as you grow is your responsibility and a way to help mum at home.

Completing your school work,also means respecting your teacher.

Keeping your environment clean at home and at school.

Not only you, but also your mum and every adult too, has to be responsible to become better citizen and have a Happy Earth.

This last year 2020 has been a very difficult time for every one in the world because of the Corona Pandemic

We all have tried to do our bit to help everyone to be safe. However, it’s sad to say but some adults all over the world have  been irresponsible.

They have not followed the 3 simple rules, given to us by Doctors and Health Workers.

…Washing Hands.

…Social Distancing.

…Wearing a Mask.

A simple chart to follow..If you like,you can print it and stick it at the entrance of your home..Remember, this pandemic is here to stay for a long time.We need to take care and live safely and try to make the world a better place.


…Be responsible.

…Never feel embarrassed to stand for or do the right thing.(Wear a mask at all times when you are outside, even if someone laughs at you.)

…Respect your elders by being responsible, if asked to do something.(Do your school work if asked by your teacher.)


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