Behavioural Pattern -8

                                            MEEKNESS AND SHYNESS


A Meek or Shy person is someone who is hesitant to actively participate or engage with people around him/her. They prefer to be observers and stand a little aloof when in a gathering.

A shy child is of a gentle and delicate nature and is comfortable with solitary  activities or is happy to be with familiar individuals .They sometimes don’t mind being in a group but are silent observers and take their time to warm up and feel a free to interact with their peers.


It is important to recognize and respect shy children in a preschool as it is the first time they are away from home. Shy kids have strong observation skills and take in their environment deeply as they quietly watch what is around them.

Parents ,teachers and others need to handle them gently with a loving secure and understanding environment .This will help them to express themselves at their own pace and develop socially.

Here are some simple points to handle Shy kids.

Every child is different and needs to handled as special with full respect.

It is important to remember that each child is a unique individual and what works for one may not work for another. So we need to adapt the strategies we use basing them on the individual needs and comfort level of the child being handled.

1.  Be patient and avoid pressuring the child to be more out going .Understand that shyness is a natural trait and takes time for the child to over come it.

2. Respect the need of the child’s personal space. Avoid pushing him/her into social situations they are not ready for but keep a watchful eye and see what are their likes and dislikes..

what makes them feel comfortable.

3. Create opportunities for the child to interact with his/her peers beginning with faces they are familiar with. Never push them to socialise be patient.

4. Always praise and acknowledge the child’s effort however small it may be ..Let the others around know of the  achievements , this will boost self worth  and slowly build confidence.

5. Create a supportive group who work at the same wave length….helpers, parents ,teachers.

6. Greet the child and slowly encourage them to greet never forcing them . Ask simple questions like “How are you?” or praise them “You are wearing a lovely dress today. ” This will slowly encourage self expression .

7. Observe and keep in mind what the child shows interest in and try to provide activities in those areas eg art , storytelling or music this will slowly build up the child’s confidence.

It is important to remember that not every child is a leader . Some will be full of confidence while others will be inhibited to do things.

Each child is different and each one is good at something .Remember a quiet child need not be a shy child .It could just be a trait he/she has. They are good listeners and participate in group activities.

So dear parents handle with care .Your support and guidance will help them to become good human beings as they grow up.

Love your child unconditionally and be proud of them as they are .Bringing up a child is not an easy job and there is no magic wand to help.

Behavioural issues are all part of a child’s growing up and can normally be taken care of with the right guidance.
















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