Be proud of your children

A child is like a butterfly in the wind.

Some fly higher than others,

but remember each one flies the best it can.

Why compare one against the other?

Each one is DIFFERENT.

Each one is SPECIAL.

Each one is BEAUTIFUL.

Author unknow.

I read this small piece in the morning and thought i must share it with you all.Friends our children are the biggest gift God has given to us.He has made each child unique- each one looks different thinks different and grows up different.What is important to remember is that each child has something special.It is for us as parents teachers and guides to help find that little special thing in each child and be proud of him/her and help build up the child’s self esteem.

We need to remember that each child does the best he/she can .All they  need is a gentle nudging hand to help him grow.

kidssun             butterfly

Love your kids. Be proud of them. Open your heart and praise them for the things they make an effort to achieve.


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