Archimedes’ Principle

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician and scientist. He was born around 2500 years ago. He loved math so much that often he forgot to eat when he was solving problems.

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The most famous story about Archimedes:-

Archimedes was always thinking about problems wanting to solve them.  One day when he went for a bath he was so busy thinking that he did not see the bathtub was full to the brim.He slid into the bathtub and noticed a large quantity of water flowed out of the bathtub.

arc bath   arc eureka

He suddenly jumped out of the tub and screamed “Eureka! Eureka!” Which means i have found it in Greek.

So kids he discovered that when an object is put into water ,  there would be  an upward force from the water which would push up the object -this force is equal to the weight of water displaced by the object.You will learn and understand this as you grow up .

This is the principle behind all the boats and ships. Do you know what a submarine is? Very simply it is a ship which is almost always travelling under water.

The submarine is a very good example of Archimedes Principle:-

sub  sub1

The submarine displaces a large amount of water so the upward force from the water on to the submarine is very large. That force is more than the weight of the submarine so it does not sink.

When the submarine has to be brought up ,the captain empties out its own water tank- this makes the submarine lighter- Now the upward force of water is more , so the submarine comes up.

Kids you must sit with your daddy he will demonstrate and show you.



arc bath kids

Like I always tell you the world is full of Magic- Have Fun

Lets all promise to SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH.







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