Making a Car Hanger

Today we will make a little doll for your papa’s car

Car hangar 4

You need:

1)    Paper (old greeting cards or thick brown paper bags – Remember lets reuse waste material)

2)    Crayons or Paints

3)    Glue

4)    String



1)    Cut a round circle the size of a side plate and cut a face with hands (see picture)

Car hangar 1

2)    Colour the circle. You can make designs (ask mum to help you)

3)    Draw the face

4)    Cut thin strips of paper and colour them black

5)    Stick the black paper above the face as hair (see picture)

Car hangar 2

6)    Now fold the circle to half then to a quarter and stick one side together leaving the  round side open. Now use your finger to open that side and it becomes a cone (see picture below)

7)    Cut the top of the cone and stick the face and hands there 

8)    Fold a ribbon and stick it behind the face. Make sure it sticks well

Car hangar 3

Now go ahead and give this to your parents. They can hang it anywhere they like, even in their car.

Car hangar 4

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